Must-Have Features for a Low-Maintenance Bathroom

How frequently you want to clean your bathroom boils down to personal preference. Regardless, the experts usually recommend that cleaning every surface in your bathroom thoroughly—from floors and walls to the pipes—must be performed about every 2 months. Think about incorporating the following bathroom features, which can help you clean your bathroom a lot easier. Keep on reading to know more about this: 

Invest in good ventilation 

This glass shower wall has a particular coating that can help avoid water spots. An open window or even a powerful yet quiet fan can work to minimize the moisture found within your bathroom, which decreases the possibility of mildew or mold. If you invest in having proper ventilation, you can save a particular time spent cleaning over time.  

All-in-one vanity 

You can also use a multi-purpose solid countertop. This is one of those helpful tips that can help you cut down your cleaning routine time. By having a built-in sink, you can easily remove the layers and other parts where mold and dirt accumulate and gather. If you want to achieve a low-maintenance bathroom, then it would be best to stick with surfaces that are non-porous. 

Choose back-painted glass 

Substituting tiles with one pane of back-painted glass is one of the solutions you can do to grout lines. This can help remove the crevices or lines where grime and dirt can accumulate. Glass with back painting enables you to establish a unique beautifying aspect in the design of your bathroom as a feature or accent wall.  

Consider the tiles you use 

Among the most well-used features in the bathroom includes tiles. However, having tile means that you need to scrub the grout. If you’re one of those people who plan to install glistening white tile, then you probably need to think about using gray or off-white grout in the design of your bathroom. This way, your bathroom will not appear to be very dirty eventually compared to having white-colored grouts.  

One of the solutions you can apply would be to prevent using grout altogether. Both LVP or luxury vinyl plank and LVT or luxury vinyl tile can be mounted with no grout joints to achieve a bathroom floor that’s easy to use and look like real wood. Layering walls using stone slabs rather than tile can help drastically reduce your time for cleaning your bathroom as well.  

Wall-mounted appliances 

Wall-mounted faucets and toilets can help you clean and wipe their surfaces below a lot easier. Moreover, if you get easy access to the whole floor, mopping can become easy and fast to do. This can also apply to cleaning countertops. You can also consider changing the vanity from the wall for you to easily clean underneath. You can also clean your kid’s bathroom by using a seamless countertop with an integral bowl.  

Those are only some of the many tips that can help you have a low-maintenance bathroom. So, if you’re planning for a bathroom renovation Sydney project, make sure to contact the home remodeling experts for you to be guided well.