Anxiety is a state in which a person is in a stressful situation and the body reacts to it. When you’re in that state your body is preparing you for a fight or flight response depending on the gravity of the situation. Mild anxiety is good for the most part since it stimulates brain function and will help you to get through whatever it is that caused your anxiety. More than that, on the other hand, will escalate to panic and that’s not a good thing. Too much anxiety will cause you not to think straight and ultimately cause you to flee.

Anxiety disorders refer to the irregular feeling of anxiety for a long period of time. This causes a person to always be anxious even in situations that normally don’t stimulate anxiety. The most common drugs being used are anti anxiety drugs and most often these drugs to a degree are downers that depress a person in order to rest. One of the over the counter ways that people treat anxiety especially milder ones are with the use of melatonin. So how does melatonin work? Read further to find out.

What is melatonin: Melatonin is a hormone that is regulated by the body. It’s a hormone that acts as a sensor to help with sleep-wake orientation. When its dark or night time melatonin levels increased to signal and stimulate sleep and during the day its levels decrease as a signal that its time to wake up. During the process on when it’s increasing it also stimulates its other factor and its the anti anxiety properties that it possesses. Experts recognized this, thus synthetic melatonin has been made to mimic such effects.

anti anxiety properties

Melatonin for anxiety: If your question is “can I take melatonin for anxiety?” The answer is you can pretty much take one! Especially that the drug is otc (over the counter), but you have to understand that the drug is a depressant. The drug doesn’t promote wakefulness in any way and if you plan to take it never drive or do any activity that requires your attention and focus. Also, never mix it with other depressants or downers because it will increase its effects and you will never get any job done.

Melatonin as anti anxiety: It comes as a surprise to some that melatonin has some pretty good anti anxiety effects. But the fact is melatonin anti anxiety is pretty much true and pretty effective too! It’s not really meant to help you lose your anxiety, but it hopes to bring you to sleep and help you relax. But this isn’t for everybody. There are people that a have a very strong anxiety disorder that melatonin won’t be able to treat them. So if you plan to take one its best that you consult a physician first in order to know whether melatonin is, in fact, the right one for you.

Melatonin is a surprising anti anxiety buster to some people and this is because melatonin is commonly prescribed for people that are in dire need of sleep. But you will be surprised just how effective melatonin can be in treating anxiety. But of course, there are things that you should avoid in taking the drug and always ask for a doctor’s expert advice on whether or not melatonin is the right one for you.