Teo Yen Koon was born in the year May 1978 and is a Singaporean entrepreneur, not just businessman but also an investor and more importantly a humanitarian.

 He is being born and bought up Singapore and was conferred with honorary doctorate by the International American University, Los Angeles. Teo Yen Koon was also awarded with the Academic Fellow from St Clements University.

A Singaporean prodigy, he started the beginning of his career in Singapore itself as he was an air force officer on a full-time basis.

Much later, he even began his entrepreneurial journey within a span of few years; the company he founded was running successfully and it got expanded to the Southeast Asia and even at Greater China.

The philanthropist

This marked a new beginning of Dr. desmond teo yen koon and his era with success. He wanted to give back to the society therefore he planned of selling his established business and return back to where his roots belonged, Singapore.

desmond teo yen koonHere at Singapore he started off with a consultancy company which helped him to share his much accumulated experience with all the young entrepreneurs who were like him.

His main goal was to motivate people to give more than taking it away. Dr. desmond teo yen koon at present day is focusing on the development of Gtoken Ltd, this company is a game publishing company founded by him along with some of the like-minded partners. This business has now grown exponentially in Asia. Apart from that Dr. Teo Yen Koon is also a well established enthusiastic about public welfare and supports different charitable activities.