How to Choose the Ideal Kitchen Colors?

You might think that selecting colors for your new kitchen is an easy thing to do. But in reality, it should be taken seriously and must be considered carefully so that you do not come up with a decision that you’ll eventually regret. To help you decide properly, check out some of the tips that you may use for your kitchen renovation Sydney: 

Never overuse different colors 

The last thing you want to achieve is to make your kitchen become a paint factory that exploded. By sticking to 1 to 2 colors or one palette, you can come up with a timeless look that won’t look dated. However, if you are not confident about which colors work great together, then you may try to use a color wheel as a guide or ask for the help of a kitchen contractor you trust.  

Get some inspiration 

One of the best resources you can access in terms of looking for inspiring ideas and the best color combinations that are new and fresh is Pinterest. In this application, try to look for kitchens that somehow have a similar style and size to your own so that you can have a greater idea about what might work and not work for you.  

Consider the flooring 

As you choose your worktops and cabinets, never forget about flooring. These are the elements that will take the most colors and the most space in the kitchen. Hence, you need to think about how they will work together before you begin to introduce your color elsewhere.  

Consider the lighting 

The way your kitchen is lit can drastically impact how your kitchen colors would appear. When you incorporate more natural lighting, the truer the colors will look as you come into your kitchen. Meanwhile, dark colors tend to absorb the light, making your small kitchen area  flash loans in DeFi even smaller, particularly at night when you only have an artificial light source. When your kitchen is on the small side but you would like to incorporate some color, you may try to paint an accent color on a single wall to complement a bit of interest and drama without making your kitchen area claustrophobic. Or when you see white cabinets are boring, you may opt for cabinets with a lighter color that’ll add color without making the space feel cramped and absorbing all the light.  

Keep things neutral 

Neutral colors will surely stand the test of time always. Moreover, if you’re planning to retain typical stainless steel or white appliances, then you can introduce bolder hints of color with things that can be altered more easily whenever you want to try a new look. Such things would include small appliances like toasters, microwaves, and kettles, and things like backsplashes, pictures, curtains, and rugs.  

You may also incorporate some interesting features like contrasting worktops and colored tiles. You can even try adding color by painting the back part of your cabinets. When the novelty wears off, you can easily change it back to a more neutral color. This would also look great in glass-fronted cabinets.